We only use natural ingredients to make our seltzers.

There is no weird stuff, added sugar or fake sweeteners. We use grape juice and lemon juice to deliver a balanced and full flavour, then add extracts, botanicals and juices to create our uniquely refreshing seltzers. 

Using multiple natural ingredients also means our products have a few calories, but we are classed as a low-calorie drink. We have found no-calories often means no-flavour so we are good with a few calories. 

For more information on ingredients and nutritional information click on the links below.


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Hibiscus & Rose

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All Natural

We only use natural ingredients, nothing artificial in here

Low Calorie

Our seltzers are crisp, clean and low in calories

Full Flavour

Perfectly blended to deliver a full flavour


All of our seltzers are naturally Vegan

Don’t believe us... The people have spoken;

Last minute jitters... The people have spoken;

“Yuzu is the true GOAT of seltzers”

“A unique alternative, healthy and fun”

“Best of the bunch, really refreshing, natural and low-sugar”

“Brighten up your day with their subscription packs”

“Can't explain how delicious this is"

“Obscenely good”

“New favourite non-alcoholic drink"

"Obsessed w/ this stuff"

Designed to be as versatile as our own tastes.

We call it the modern contradiction, you go to yoga, eat healthy but still want a drink with friends or to spend the weekend at a festival.

All of our seltzers have been created to work as mixers, delivering delicious, unique, low-calorie long drinks with premium spirits.

Some quick drink ideas (but get creative to find your favourite combination).

  • Mezcal +
  • + Squeeze of lime
  • Vodka +
  • + Pink Grapefruit Slice
  • Gin +
  • + Rose Petals