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  • WTF, why aren’t they called seltzer anymore?

    Hello eagle eyes, thanks for noticing that we’re no longer calling our 0% range “Seltzers”. Instead, they’re now known as Premium Sodas.

    Why the change? Well. Glad you asked.

    The seltzer category is booming, particularly the rise of hard seltzers. A push coming from big multinationals with marketing budgets to match. The word seltzer is now synonymous with flavourless, boring (in our humble opinion) alco-pop/RTDs.

    That’s why we’ve transitioned to Premium Sodas, because people often think our drinks are boozy simply because they’re called seltzers. Plus, the term doesn’t give enough credit to the complexity of flavour and quality of ingredients in our drinks.

    Plus, we felt we needed a whole new term. Our drinks have a lot more going on than other sparkling flavoured waters or traditional seltzers. Calling our drinks Premium Sodas is a conscious effort to give our award winning drinks the credit they deserve.

    If you’re read this far, well, thanks for hearing us out. A reward for you in the form of a code: NEWNEWNEW will get your 20% off our full range.

  • What’s in your sodas?

    Only natural ingredients including extracts, juices, botanicals and flavourings. Oh and carbonated water - natch. Have a look at our product page for the full ingredients for each flavour. (previously called seltzers)

  • What are ‘natural flavourings’? It sounds odd.

    Ah yes the mystical term - natural flavourings. We know this sometimes throws people off… What are we hiding? Are we putting something weird into our sodas?  The short answer is no. We do it is because we have worked hard to create the best tasting sodas on the planet and there are a couple of secret natural flavours which help us optimise and balance the taste. Kind of like the Colonel's secret herb and spices but much better for you. For example one natural flavour we use is mint...shhhh (and now we have to kill you).

  • Why do your sodas have calories and sugar content?

    Carrots have calories, the only natural thing that really has no calories is water. So if you truly want no calories just go for water, we love the stuff. We tried making sodas without any calories but as hard as we tried we never thought the flavour was good enough. So we use grape juice to add a little sweetness (this is the ‘sugar’ - but obviously is natural juice) and lemon juice to balance everything out. This means our drinks have a few calories, but don’t sweat it too much, our drinks have less calories than that carrot we mentioned earlier.

  • Why don’t you use stevia (or other natural no calorie sweeteners) to sweeten your drinks and lower the calories?

    Wow you are really pushing on this sugar / calorie thing. Because they taste bloody awful (in our humble opinion). We’ve tried hundreds of drinks which use stevia and not one tasted good. We’re all about great flavours so stevia was ruled out because we could never have a great tasting drink when using it. Let’s move on.

  • Why don’t you do more traditional flavours?

    We think people are ready for more interesting flavours. People’s palates are evolving, you only have to see the explosion street food across any major city to realise this. We felt drinks aren't keeping pace so we decided to do something about it.

    We are always hard at work thinking of new flavour combinations so let us know if you have an idea and we might just make it and put your face on the can (maybe not the last bit).

  • Who are Glimpse and why do you partner with them?

    Glimpse is a collective that use ‘creativity for good’ bringing awareness and positive action to some of the biggest issues facing the global community.

    So 1p from every can you buy goes to the Glimpse Foundation. You can find out more at

  • I’m vegan can I drink your sodas?

    Damn straight you can. All our drinks are registered with The Vegan Society just to be 110% sure we adhere to their high standards. Although let’s be honest when you’re making a drink that’s made with fruit, vegetables and water it would be a bit worrying if we weren’t Vegan.

  • You say you refresh people and planet, what does this mean?

    This is our long term mission, we have made a start, but we will always be looking to improve the way we do things to ensure we're reducing our impact on the planet.

    We will keep on trying our best, but let us know if you think there are things we could be doing better.

  • Can you start selling your sodas in my town/city/country?

    If you're anywhere in the UK, the USA or most of Europe then you can buy via our online store right now. If you want to buy in bulk then please send an us an email

    For those of you somewhere else on the planet please send us an email and we'll do our best to have product to you soon.

  • How do I resolve an issue with an online order?

    Sheeeeeeeeeet, sorry you’re having an issue. Hit the chat icon at the bottom of the page or contact us at and someone will respond.

  • Something & Nothing seems kinda cool, I want to work with you.

    Before sending us an email we’d ask you to read up about our culture as it’s quite unique and may not be for you. For instance we don’t have titles, we don’t believe in them, so if you’ve always wanted that fancy title and corner office then this place probably isn’t for you. You can find out more here.

    If you’ve read all the info and are still keen to work with us then drop us a note -

  • How do subscriptions work?

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  • What is a Spritz?

    A Spritz is generally defined as any wine based cocktail. The term became more widely used thanks to a popular orange Italian aperitif - remember those. A Spritzer more often describes a straight up wine and soda water. Because we use juices, extracts and botanicals, as well as sparkling water we figured ‘Spritz’ was a better description….plus Spritzer wouldn’t fit on the can.

    Our equation is Quality Wine + Something & Nothing Soda = Spritz.

  • Is the wine you’ve used any good?

    Yes it sure is. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and the pale Rosé are dry, French and delicious. They are produced by a small family ran winery headed up by Nicolas Cambos. The estate is located in the Gers, in the heart of the Côtes de Gascogne. Following a long family tradition of observation and respect for the Gascon terroir, Nicolas Cambos, is a talented young 3rd-generation winegrower. He implements rational vine management methods on his 56-hectare estate. Observing and understanding the vines to determine their precise needs. He restricts the use of chemicals, controls the quantity of water, and employs organic fertilisers.

  • Why didn’t you use natural wine?

    We looked at this in great detail, but it wouldn’t work.  There are three main issues 1) inconsistency of taste when producing large quantities 2) when mixed with our botanicals and juices, natural wine becomes too volatile to can. Canning facilities don’t like mess, so drinks that might froth everywhere are not going to get made 3) and most important, is about flavour.  The wines we chose are dry but also have a lot of fruit in the flavour profile, which is really hard to get with natural wine (Natural wine is sharp and ‘funky’ for a catch all term). The winemakers we chose adopt a minimum intervention approach, while the wine we use might not be classified as natural, they use a light touch when it comes to the growing and production process and only intervene if needed (frost, mildew etc).

  • Do these Spritz contain sulphites?

    Yes. Grapes naturally contain sulphites and the wine makers also add a small amount of sulphites to retain the fresh fruity flavours you find in Sauvignon Blancs and Rosé.  Sulphites have a long history and use in winemaking as they safeguard wines against premature oxidation and microbes that could otherwise spoil wine. It preserves the wine's freshness and helps maintain its colour, and is essential for ageing wines. However we are talking a very small amount in our Spritz, less than you would find in a bottle of orange or apple juice or a handful of dried apricots.

  • Why only 4%?

    We wanted to create a drink for hangouts not hangovers. We want people to be able to have more than one - whilst drinking responsibly of course.

    Our Spritz can be enjoyed at lunch with friends through to an early evening bbq, a roof terrace party and on to the after party (if that’s what floats your boat)

    Did we say this already - drink responsibly, don’t drink too much and never drink and drive.

    And remember to floss your teeth, learn a language, meditate and water your plants.

  • Is this a hard seltzer?

    Well yes and no, it contains alcohol so kinda - but after a trip to the US back in 2019 where we sampled aisle after aisle of hard seltzer we realised we didn’t want to join that particular bandwagon. Just like our Seltzers, flavour comes first, second and third on the list of priorities. We ran a lot of tasting sessions with friends and bartenders with different alcohol combinations. The wine based Spritz were a clear favourite. We believe we’ve got the balance of quality, flavour and refreshment just right - we hope you agree.

  • Is it a low calorie drink?

    Yes. Each Spritz is under 100 calories per can. French Rose + Hibiscus & Rose Soda is 30 calories per 100ml and Sauvignon Blanc + Cucumber Soda is 29 calories per 100ml. Japanese Junmai Sake + Yuzu Soda is 44 calories per 100ml

  • Is the wine Vegan?

    Yes, the wine makers don't use egg or fish bones or any of those slightly odd sounding things you can find in wine and beer making.

  • What’s your favourite music documentary?

    Shut up and play the Spritz…..sorry

    Why don’t we eat turkey eggs ?…not really relevant, forget it. 

    Have you ever seen a film called Ring of Bright Water ? - it’s about a guy who buys a pet otter in the middle of London, then moves to Scotland as the bathtub is really no place for bringing up an otter. This movie would never get made today, it’s kind of touching but also deeply odd. If you can make enough time to watch this movie then your life is probably in a good place. 

    Hey you should check out our Spotify page, some good playlists for Spritz drinking.

    As you are still here, please accept this code as a thank you ALLMYFRIENDS use at checkout for 15% off Spritz.

    Alright I'm off to dream about otters. Bye x

  • How do subscriptions work?

    Whether you want to stave off thirst for forever or refresh your way through all our sodas, here’s what you need to know:

    10% off. A thank you from us to you.

    Swap flavours. Unlimited changes to satisfy those curious taste buds.

    Easy updates. Pause, skip or cancel anytime directly in your account.

    Free shipping on order over £35. Delivered every 30 days—let us do the heavy lifting.

    Cancel anytime.

    If you want to cancel or change your subscription, your order confirmation emails have links to your order. You can manage your subscription from there.