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Something & Nothing

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Feelings created by the sea, a field of like-minded souls, new moons

People, music, art, food, places and design. Everything we have thought, touched, broken and rebuilt has been poured into Something & Nothing. This is our first and best album.

There is no eureka moment, unique selling point or false function. There are a million pieces to this story. We don't know the ending but this is the beginning. A love of flavour, our planet and beauty.

We don't know what will happen next, but we are excited to find out.

“You have to have something to have nothing and you have to have nothing to have something, it’s so simple but nobody sees it” — Alan Watts

This is important to us

Something & Nothing is proud to stand among the global community of Certified B Corporations™ — an inspiring cohort of businesses who have met high standards of social & environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

This is important to us because it’s why we exist in the first place. 

Right from the founding days of Something & Nothing, we recognised that a lot about the way things work is currently broken. Instead of being overwhelmed by this, we set out to create a company that stands for the values we wanted to see more of in the world. 

Curiosity. Courage. Change. Conscious consumption. Beauty in the everyday. Refreshment for both people and planet. 

It’s not just about what we create, but how we create it: from our ideas and the high quality ingredients we source to our infinitely recyclable cans and environmentally mindful logistics.

In the US, we proudly offset all freight emissions, and in the UK, we champion electric distribution, minimising our environmental impact with every refreshing can and case we deliver. 

This B Corp certification is more than a logo—it's a declaration of our ongoing commitment to do better for our planet and its people, today and into the future.

Our mission, values and inspiration

Our mission is to refresh people and planet, both literally and holistically, through inspiration, culture, shared values and experiences. We have been inspired by ideas, moments, experiences, culture and people in creating Something & Nothing. All of which helped to build our values and ethos as a company. Here are some of the key concepts.

“Up to now we have collectively learned to admire the values of the arts (which can be summed up as a devotion to truth beauty and goodness) in the special arena of galleries. But their more important application is in the general, daily fabric of our lives - the area that is currently dominated by an often-depleted vision of commerce. It is a tragic polarisation: we encounter the values we need, but only in a rarefied setting, while we regard these values alien to the circumstances in which we most need to meet them”
How to Reform Capitalism - School of Life (Alain de Botton)

“Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”
Alan Phillips – Age of Ideas

“We all had to come to work on the balls of our feet and go up stairs two at a time. We needed to be surrounded by friends who could dress whatever way they wanted, even be barefoot”
Yvon Chouinard – Patagonia

“It’s about nothing, everyone is doing something we’ll do nothing”
George Costanza – Seinfeld

We are curious
We accept we don’t know it all. We passionately explore and are excited to discover. We regard inward facing curiosity as the spotlight for personal growth.

We act with courage
We challenge the norms; we fail, we learn, and we go again

We embrace change 
We constantly adapt to the changes within ourselves and our environment. We think abundantly (there’s always many options) rather than scarcely (there is only one path).

We consume consciously
Everything is finite; we are rigorous in using our resources efficiently

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