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Tom Ravenscroft

Time to belt up and strap in for a tour de Tom Ravenscroft. We sat down and had a chat with the radio man and dj, who not only made this playlist for us, from the depths of his vaults/mind, but also gave us a large slice of his interesting mind below. 


Who are you and what do you do ?

I’m Thomas, a Dj & Radio Presenter. Sometimes I write things, I’m pretty cool. 

Where are you and what are you doing right now ?

I’m at home in NE London, listening to a combination of heavy rain and some new records I bought. The laundry is on, there’s a sauce simmering. 

As well as being long time fans of your music selections and djing, we loved your Peel Acres series. Fantastic guests and your laidback style and deep but humble knowledge created a really special space for discovery and connection with the the listener (check it out here). What did you take from the experience? and will there be more…?

The idea of being able to connect people I admired with a record collection I’d spent my whole life with was kind of magical. I felt incredibly spoilt to be honest. It was quite life-changing to have my dad's impenetrable record collection opened up in this way. I look at it quite differently now. There will definitely be more.

Any musical discoveries that you didn’t know before, that you have fallen in love with ?

I had listened to Ravi Shankar a little but I've given it much more time lately as his records where pulled by out by almost every guest. It's now on loop in our house. Also, Sylvester and The Hot Band thanks to Colleen Murphy 

You said one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard “After Kurt Cobain died I stopped listening to bands and listened to Jungle music for 15 years” 

What are your top three jungle records ?

Dj Flash – Pulp Ficton (Easy Does It)

Rude & Deadly – Lightnin & Tunda

Dj Rap – Spiritual Aura

Peshay - Piano Tune

Special Request - Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)

(I know that’s not 3)

Any recommendations on non-music (podcasts, books, exhibitions, festivals, movies, restaurants)  

I’ve not been out in while but Bokman restaurant in Bristol, Nobounds festival in Sheffield has the most crazy good lineup for 2022. Boiling Point is the best film I’ve seen in while and Miranda July’s - The First Bad Man is my go to book recommendation. 

Which djs/producers are you exited about at the moment?

The Manchester scene seems pretty abundant with talent at the mo;  Blackhaine and Iceboy Violet. I also get very excited when I see AYA’s name anywhere, everything she touches turns to gold. 

If John Lennon used to sketch his nose on his postcards to your dad (so the postman would stop stealing them) - what would be your incognito icon be?

I’m not sure how you’d draw a monotonous voice but there must be a way…

Who would be your dream festival crew to get up to mischief with (dead or alive)

I’m not generally one for a big crew, herding humans to music isn’t fun. One solid, reliable friend who likes the same music as you and likes to stay up is the way. Having said that I reckon Jonah Hill would be great and Miranda July again.  

What did you think of our drinks? Any favourites? 

Most delish, we drank them all pretty quick. The boozy cucumber Spritz

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