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Global neighbourhood guide #2

Let's just say you're the kind of person who reaches for your real life dictionary on your not-metaphorical shelves. 

Then, let's just say you flip through its bible-thin pages to land on the definition under neighbourhood.

For argument's sake, you might find something like this: 

Sure, you might think: that's accurate. But also: it's not entirely. It's very much missing something.

It doesn't grasp how much texture these little catchments of humanity contain— their unique mix of individual people, culture and physical quirks.

Welcome then, to our attempt to breathe life into this lifeless definition by way of our Global Neighbourhood Guide #2.

An exploration of localities around the world via the best "locals" (cafes, bars, restaurants and venues). All these wonderful nooks and crannies of the world stock our drinks, an alignment of shared values across streets and oceans. Good taste, all round.

Read on below.

Museum café Le Tambourin - Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)

Nothing quite like wandering endless rooms and peering at incredible art for hours to work up a healthy appetite and thirst. 

That's where Museum café Le Tambourin in Amsterdam's iconic Van Gogh Museum comes in. And it does a very good job at that. Not just sitting back on the laurels of their prime location, they've curated a delicious menu including Something & Nothing Premium Soda.  

Sip yours in this light-bathed space and ponder which of Van Gogh's paintings was your favourite. Or maybe muse about how to pronounce his name properly. 

Batch Baby - Rose Lipman Building, De Beauvoir (London)


London's De Beauvoir boasts a strong village-y feel. Plus, it's got some of London's most unique housing architecture in its tree-lined streets. A hub for creative types, it's moments away from the loud noises and high-energy of Dalston.

The perfect spot for a coffee shop / community hub. Enter Batch Baby, located on the ground floor of the Rose Lipman Building. Independently owned and operated, BB serves some of London's best coffee, hosts pop-up food events and keeps their fridges filled with our Sodas.

A repurposed 1970s library, the Rose Lipman building itself is filled with creative and arts businesses and Batch Baby keeps everyone well watered, caffeinated and fed. The beating heart of the community some might say! 

The Misunderstood Heron, Connemara (Galway) 

The Misunderstood Heron's website reads "a unique Food Truck cafe located along the Wild Atlantic Way and the shores of the majestic Killary Fjord in Connemara Co. Galway." You don't say, folks.

There's no mistaking how breathtaking this location is... but this seasonal spot also has a menu to match. Their daily fare changes with ingredient availability (all sourced locally) and is both creative and wholesome in a better-than-but-still-feels-homemade kind of way.

People after our own heart, they serve everything in 100% compostable packaging. And you can sip on any of our 0%-ers, in their infinitely recyclable cans, while trying to comprehend the beauty of your surrounds. 

The Funky Bakers - El Born (Barcelona)

A maze of slim streets that wind and sway like an old drunkard. Medieval architecture that rubs shoulders with graffiti. Bars, restaurants, boutiques, cafes and museums crammed into every corner of free space. It's El Born, one of Barcelona's most trendy and charming neighbourhoods.

Here you'll find Funky Bakers, one of the best bakeries in town. Known for sandwiching lots of different flavours into their doughs and folding them into pastries, they mix influences from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Nordic and Australian cuisines. Plus, you can score a can of S&N to wash it all down. Not to mention that all their ingredients are locally sourced, organic and everything is made from scratch. Fun(ky)! 

Forin - Kensington (Philadelphia)

Forin is a twofer in "Kenzo" (as Kensington is known, if you're a local type). An all-day cafe on Coral Street, or the newly opened day to night venue 5 mins away on Frankford Ave.

Here they serve delicious hearty, comfort fare, their own small-batch ube honey and fruit wine, plus yours truly was spotted in their midst. Their shelves are also stacked with independent merchandise, sourced from around the world.

In case that doesn't set the vibe enough, there's a turntable and vinyl to soundtrack your drink/meal.

If you have any neighbourhood recommendations where S&N is stocked (or you'd like to be stocked!)… please let us know.

If you'd like to discuss getting our cans on the shelf at your cafe/restaurant/bar/in the office fridge, email us.

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