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Hibiscus & Rose  Premium Soda 0% 12x330ml

Hibiscus & Rose Premium Soda 0% 12x330ml

12 pack | €1,97 EUR/ 330ml can

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Based on a drink we tried in Sri Lanka (which was delicious but a bit sweet). Our take is sharp, refreshing, botanical and totally unexpected. You might think you don’t like rose - but trust us, this is not what you are expecting. It will blow your birkenstocks off.

Tastes like: Refreshment from another dimension

Great with: anything from Alison Roman to Ottolenghi, a perfect pair for the vivid, herb-forward cuisine of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Great Taste Award - 3 stars

"A drink with a pretty pale-blush pink colour with an intense floral and fruity aroma. It has a subtle fizz which leaves a delightfully refreshing taste on the palate. This would make an ideal mixer, with either vodka or gin, but it tastes equally impressive on its own. We were impressed by the combination of hibiscus and rose.

It isn't easy balancing drinks that contain rose but here you have succeeded. The aroma is unique and there are fruity after-notes. It leaves one with a very clean palate. We can imagine ourselves serving this as a nonalcoholic aperitif as we sit relaxing in our garden on a summer's evening. Very well done.

This drink is an attractive pale pink. On tasting, the flavours all burst through. There is a fullness and delicacy, which is a wonderful combination– the idea of a summer evening and a whole bottle of this is delightful! The fragrance on the nose with the delicate balance of the fruit is so attractive, and the fact there is no added sugar is also a bonus.

What a beautiful glass of fizz. Exceptionally well-balanced, it would be a fantastic nonalcoholic drink in the hospitality trade. It's thirst-quenching, fragrant and not too sweet. It also feels very natural and a delight to drink."  Great Taste Awards, 2023

All our Premium Sodas contain grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavour. Our Premium Sodas are naturally low in calories - under 57 calories per can (330ml)

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Ingredients : Hibiscus & Rose
Sparkling water, rose extract, hibiscus extract, concentrated grape juice, concentrated lemon juice, natural flavourings.
57 calories per can. Each can is 330ml.

Nutritional Information (per 100ml)
Energy ........................ 74kj / 17kcal
Fat .............................. 0g
Carbohydrates ............. 4.0g
of which are sugars ....... 3.2g
Protein ......................... 0g
Salt .............................. 0g

Made from natural ingredients, low calorie, vegan.
Our cans are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium and are packed in cardboard.

1p from every can purchased goes to Glimpse (a collective who use creativity for the good of society and the planet). Drink, recycle, do some good – nice one!

€23,75 EUR

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