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Something & Nothing

For the curious

Seltzer —> Premium Soda

We are changing the name of our drinks to Premium Sodas.

Por que? Let us explain.

For those who don’t know, the zenith of the idea for Something & Nothing came from The Gun pub on Well Street, E9.

The pub had been running for 6 months and its co-founder Oliver Dixon had been enjoying the delights of its taps, shelves and fridges with enthusiasm… it was time to take a little break from the booze.

What to drink in a pub and not feel left out?

This is the question (amongst many others) that started the journey to create the world’s best tasting soft drink. It had to be natural, healthy, grown-up and above all it had to bang in the taste department.

Olly then joined forces with Rupert Pugsley and after a year of tastings, discussions and exploration Something & Nothing was born.

But what to call the drinks? We have more flavour than a flavoured water, but have no added sugar and we are low in calories, so soda doesn’t feel quite right. We sit in the middle (which never feels like a good place to be).

Seltzer, very much a US phrase, felt right and its point of difference in the UK, although challenging at times, served us well. Now 4 year on things have shifted.

The noise around hard seltzers has left customers a little confused and more importantly there is an evolution in consumer taste in the world’s largest drinks category, Soda.

As everyone becomes healthier so too must Soda and that uncomfortable middle ground between flavoured water and soda is now in fact the sweet spot.

What we’re seeing through sales data and customer feedback is that Something & Nothing is replacing people’s traditional soda moments. Our initial concerns about hooking our wagon to this category or being caught in the middle are now our major opportunities.

The Soda category is huge, far bigger than hydration or function, but it’s also stagnant and needs disruption. Through our quality of ingredients, superior taste and iconic brand we are already making waves in the US, UK and beyond.

By changing our name to Premium Soda we place ourselves firmly where we want to be on shelf/fridge/bar/studio/workplace and it gives improved clarity to consumers. So for us, seltzer is dead, long live Premium Soda.

P.S our multi award winning liquid is exactly the same, so feel free to ignore all of this.
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