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How to garnish your drink

A well placed, well thought-out garnish can put the proverbial cherry on top your at-home tipple.

Enhancing both the look and taste of a drink, it can be the final flourish that really brings a beverage home and makes something simple and everyday feel a touch special.

We've gathered a few ideas (trending & classic) below, to help add a certain something, something to your Something & Nothing.

Fresh, fragrant and flavourful, we're all about herbs migrating from plate to glass. Gently bruise or smack your herbs before serving for maximal aroma / flavour release. 

Thyme's aromatic, subtly savoury quality pairs beautifully with the bright flavours of yuzu so is perfect with our Sake + Yuzu Spritz (4%) or our Yuzu Soda. Another herb-ish thought starter for the yuzu fans — a lemongrass stick. Cut a lemongrass stalk into a long stick and use it as a stirrer, it's exotic, aromatic and practical. Win, win.   

Dill, that quietly contentious herb that rivals coriander in terms of controversy, is also a delicious addition to our Cucumber Soda. It's delicate and herbaceous flavour also pairs well with the bright complexity of our Sauvignon Blanc + Cucumber Spritz (4%). 

A beautiful branch of mint is also great with our Hibiscus & Rose Soda but is equally at home with all our drinks. 

A simple chunk, slice or ribbon of something from the fruit bowl or crisper can transform your humble at home drink into a bar-worthy concoction. 

A ribbon of cucumber, not only the perfect accoutrement for a Cucumber Soda/Spritz, but also, unexpectedly delicious with our Hibiscus & Rose Soda.

Together, they have a summery, herbal quality that's subtly reminiscent of gin. In fact, Hendrick's Gin uses Bulgarian rose and a cucumber mash to flavour their liquid  — an idea inspired by the very English notion of eating cucumber sandwiches in a rose garden.

A chunk of Fresh Grapefruit is also the perfect finish for both our Hibiscus & Rose Soda and Spritz (4%).

Adding dill to your Cucumber beverage already (as above)? A fresh chunk of coconut will take this pairing to the next, tropical, creamy level. Or swap coconut for a wedge of watermelon for a fruitier outcome.

Savoury fans might like a juicy, giant caper berry in their Cucumber Soda/Spritz. This would also work well with the Yuzu palate too.

Take your drink with a pinch of salt (or sugar), add a rim moment for the best effort to outcome ratio.

It's as easy as rubbing water or lemon juice around the rim of your cocktail glass and then turning your glass upside-down and rotating it in a small plate of sugar or salt. You can go full round the equator or play around with asymmetrical placement. 

A rosemary salt or sugar rim, delicious with Hibiscus & Rose Soda. Lemon salt or sugar, fantastic with Yuzu. And mint or ginger salt / sugar for the Cucumber fans. 

Hide your garnish in your ice for a flourish as fun and good looking as an excellent first date.

Populate your ice cubes trays with herbs or edible flowers and freeze. Think: rosemary, mint, rose petals, lemon, grapefruit etc.

For a pop of colour AND flavour, try brewing a strong hibiscus tea, letting it cool before pouring it into an ice cube tray. Add to your H&R drink of choice!

Looking for further inspiration in this department? Look no further than our friend Disco Cubes.

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