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Easy, delicious cocktail recipes

We've assembled a few easy, delicious cocktails ideas below so you can craft some bar-worthy drinks at home. No crazy equipment or ingredients needed, just some good quality booze, some simple additions and Something & Nothing soda to cap it all off. 

By the way, these may or may not have been served backstage at a certain famous festival in Somerset at the star of summer...


30ml good quality tequila
150ml Cucumber Premium Soda
20ml lemon juice
Mint for garnish

Place ice cubes, mint leaves, Tequila and lemon juice in cocktail shaker. Shake well and top with Cucumber soda before pouring into a glass with more ice.

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30ml good quality gin
15ml Raspberry & Lemon cordial
100ml of Hibiscus & Rose Premium Soda
A decent wedge of lemon

Fill a tall glass with lots of ice, pour over the gin and cordial, top with Hibiscus & Rose Soda and give the lemon a decent squeeze before dropping in your drink. Enjoy!

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30ml good quality vodka
10ml Elderflower cordial
150ml Yuzu Premium Soda

Pour the vodka and cordial over ice then add the Yuzu Soda. Stir, sip, enjoy!

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