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A word (guide) on festive tablescaping

When it comes to "tablescaping" (the rather technical sounding term for crafting a highly curated table setting) we prefer to take a leaf out Julia Sherman's book. Quite literally. 

Her cookbook Arty Parties sets out an ethos for hosting that's right up our boulevard (or table runner, in this case).

She writes...

"If there's one thing I know it's that artists throw superior parties...

They draw outside the lines, choose character over perfection, and most importantly, they actually enjoy the process of feeding their friends...

Forget the rules around classical floral arranging. Or the right way to set a table. Let's make it up as we go along." 

Whether you're an artist or not, you can embrace this creative approach to ambiance-setting as a host this festive season.

We've gathered a few loose rules that'll help you make up something unique and festive as you go along. 

Scout around, soak in some inspiration, pick and choose from what others have done. Dare we say it—start a Pinterest board. 

A few people we think have their tablescaping nailed as a starting point for you herehere and here. Plus, plenty more below!

Choose a colour scheme and guiding theme, and build from there. For example: whimsical, modern, Mediterranean, earthly, maximalist/colour chaos, 70s. The list goes on.

All these could be given a festive/Christmassy twist through colour (white, silver, green, red) or details (wreath shapes, holly, tinsel, baubles). Or you can just lean into them in their own right and not worry about hitting the Xmas spot. 

Get crafty. See what you have to hand or use what can be easily and cheaply purchased to bring your theme to life.

Candles can be stuck into many an object! Flowers can be arranged in new ways! Fruit can be decorative AND edible... think outside the (veggie) box. 

We love the below examples that use everyday objects to create sculptural, textural and decorative elements.

Pieces like these bring a sense of fun, whimsy or abundance to the table. 

Add flourish with one or two key pieces. Like luxe modern glassware from R+D Lab, linen napkins + placematsan eye catching tablecloth or an incredible sculptural candle or candle holder.  

Not everything on the table needs to shout for attention, but if there's one or two key pieces and they’re in theme it'll feel cohesive and eye-catching.

When arranging objects, think about grouping, creating different heights (but not so much that you're blocking the line of sight across the table) and creating colour contrast or tonal moments. 

Don't give yourself a stress ulcer, simplify where you can. For example, let us keep your guests well watered.

With Premium Soda for your alc-free friends or used as a fun mixer. Or opt for Spritz (4%), a fuss-free but still exceptionally delicious wine-based cocktail.

Plus, our cans were designed to be minimal, beautiful objects in their own right. So they’ll look at home nestled into any tablescape this season.

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