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Something & Nothing

For the curious

A taste of something (& nothing)

Perhaps you're new here and curious what we taste like (hint: very good). Maybe you want some words to match your experience while sipping.

Whatever your reason, we've got you... Welcome to our take on Tasting Notes, for the full Something & Nothing range. Follow and sip along below. 

Spritz (4%)

Made with quality French wine or Japanese Sake and the finest natural juices, extracts and botanicals.

Japanese Junmai Saké + Yuzu Spritz Spritz 4%

A careful blend of our dry, umami and tart Junmai Sake with complex and aromatic natural Yuzu juice, extracts and botanicals.

Tastes like: a hit of citrus balanced by a dry and savoury Sake make this perfectly balanced high-ball-esque drink feel like wandering Kyoto’s backstreets at golden hour.

Appearance: lightly bubbly, with a subtle straw colour warming this otherwise crystal clear liquid.

Finish: citrus warmth and acidity and a pleasing but subtle umami linger on the tongue. 

Great with: grilled skewers, rich ramens, saucy noodles or sushi. Designed to compliment both elegant light bites and cut-through drinking snacks.

Sauvignon Blanc + Cucumber Spritz 4%

A fresh, green and citrusy French Sauvignon Blanc hits all the right notes when blended with our bright and refreshing Cucumber Premium Soda.

Tastes like: Freshness is the main event here, making this akin to running through a vineyard naked. Warm but thirst quenching cucumber is paired with a herbaceous, citrus-forward French Sauvignon Blanc for a complex but very, very easy to drink beverage. 

Appearance: There's an ever so subtle green hue to this pleasingly light and fizzy liquid.  

Finish: bright and refreshing cucumber and citrusy notes at the close. 

Great with: Easy-breezy salads, grilled chicken, fish or vegetables. Works well with anything herby and citrus so time to get your Salsa Verde game on.

French Rosé + Hibiscus & Rose Spritz 4%

A pale, dry French Rosé from the Côtes de Gascogne complements the botanical, tart yet refreshing flavour of our Hibiscus & Rose Premium Soda.

Tastes like: A blushing and dry high quality French Rosé paired with the complex and tart Hibiscus & Rose make this all sunset drinks at Villa Nellcôte. Subtly complex, easy drinking and pleasingly dry/tart. Exceptional low-ABV refreshment. 

Appearance: a mellow, dusty, and transparent pink with a pleasing amount of gentle bubbles.

Finish: a dry but balanced end, with a subtle smack of tart thanks to Hibiscus & Rose. 

Great with: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African food and as the perfect aperitif with snacks — cheese, charcuterie, crudités and all that good stuff.

Premium Soda

Award winning premium sodas made with the highest quality natural juices, extracts and botanicals. 

Yuzu Premium Soda 

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like an explosion of tangerine, grapefruit and a lemon. Aromatic, complex and tangy to a t, this is a flavour-forward, lightly-sparkling Yuzu hit.

Tastes like: Layers of deep citrus, full bodied yet light. A hint of mint. Perfectly balanced acidity. 

Appearance: lightly fizzy, with a whisper of yellow. A clear light-straw coloured liquid.

Finish: a lingering taste of yuzu, long, aromatic and incredibly more-ish. 

Great with: light, bright Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese fare. The perfect foil for umami rich or spicy dishes, it also makes the perfect mixer with a top-shelf Japanese whisky or vodka.

Hibiscus & Rose Premium Soda 

Based on a drink we tried in Sri Lanka (which was delicious but a bit sweet). Our take is sharp, refreshing, botanical and totally unexpected. You might think you don’t like rose - but trust us, this is not what you are expecting. It will blow your birkenstocks off. 

Tastes like: Tart, refreshing, floral, this is refreshment from another dimension. A mellow hint of mint behind the primary Hibiscus and Rose, plus a hum of grape and lemon juice adding acidity and subtle sweetness. 

Appearance:  A pleasing light pink blush, that bubbles and pops gently in your glass. 

Finish: Tart but balanced, it begs you to keep sipping. Both thirst quenching and providing pleasing cut-through when paired with food. 

Great with: anything from Alison Roman to Ottolenghi, a perfect pair for the vivid, herb-forward cuisine of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Cucumber Premium Soda 

Lightly effervescent, quenches deeply with the clean freshness of real cucumber and hums with a subtle natural sweetness. 

Tastes like: Up front, full bodied cucumber makes the first sip feel like jumping into a pool after a long day in the sun. Layers of complexity bring balance with a mellow hint of mint, complimentary grape and a slight slice of acid from lemon juice. 

Appearance: as clear as the ideal day for drinking this. Gently fizzy. 

Finish: the lingering, almost herbaceous, subtly sweet flavour of cucumber. 

Great with: lunch, brunch or evening meal. This refreshment bomb is as versatile as it is delicious. Also great as a mezcal or tequila mixer.

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