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Camille Vidal

Who are you and what do you do?

Im Camille Vidal, Im the founder of La Maison Wellness and Creator of Mindful Cocktails, most importantly I'm a Healthy Hedonist I live life well mindfully!

Where are you and what are you doing right now?

It’s January, I’m at home in London creating Mindful Cocktails and inspiring people to reassess their relationship with drinking for the better. As the new year starts I’m helping people navigate Dry January inspiring and guiding on what to drink so they can realise how delicious mindful drinking can be either with non alcoholic or low alcoholic options.

Can you tell us a little about your history with drinks, how you got started?

Food & Drinks has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, im originally from the south of France and I have vivid memories of aperitif moment with my parents, I love the way food and drinks bring people together I think there is something magical about it. I think 2020 reminded us how essential to our happiness socialising with a good drink in your hand is.

What prompted the transition into mindful drinking and low or no alcohol cocktail creation ?

Something & Nothing Hibiscus & Rose Martini cocktail

I wanted to show the world how to bring mindfulness into the glass, we empower our relationship with drinking, we reshape the language about drinking and we incorporate more options because tasty doesn’t have to be boozy and its time we rethink our drink.

Can you tell us about La Maison Wellness and what a ‘healthy hedonist’ is?

La Maison Wellness is a platform dedicated to inspiring people to drink well with delicious Mindful Cocktails, either alcohol free or low alcohol and always with good ingredients, as well as living like Healthy Hedonist meaning celebrating the everyday life in a way that feels good right now and tomorrow (hello hangover free life!)

You are also a yoga teacher, how does this inform your approach to life and work ?

I believe that everything start with awareness and that Mindfulness isn’t something you compartment in your life but rather sprinkle all over it. Life, like cocktails is about balance!

Are there any podcasts, albums, exhibitions or books that you currently getting a kick out of?

Im reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma right now and loving it. Next on my list is Atomic Habits by James Clear. I also love travel cooking show which pretty much combine everything I love travel, flavours, discovery, as we are unable to explore the world right now I more than ever find them inspiring even for my work creating Mindful Cocktails.

Can you tell us a little about this drink, the different components and what inspired its creation?

I love the beauty and simplicity of this cocktail, MARTINI vibrante is a brilliant non alcoholic aperitif with the classic Italian bitter component you will expect as well as bright citrus notes coming from the bergamot so adding Something & Nothing Hisbiscus & Rose was perfect to add a layer of floral notes as well as a touch of effervescent to lift all the flavour. The key in this recipe to take it from good to incredible is the orange juice not only you want to use freshly squeezed orange juice (always hello vitamin C & antioxidants) but you also want to make it fluffy either by juicing it in a high speed juicer or squeeze and place the juice in a blender to make it fluffy. Et voila!


50ml MARTINI Vibrante over ice

Top up with Something & Nothing Hibiscus & Rose Orange Juice and a decent splash of fresh orange juice

Glass: Highball
T : Build
G: Orange Wheel

Non-alcoholic Something & Nothing seltzer cocktail

Tell us about something

Something & Nothing Cucumber Seltzer is my favourite. I really hope my work keep inspiring people to bring mindfulness into the glass and together we can change the drinking culture for the better.

Tell us about nothing


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